Game Perks

On our server, there is an opportunity to purchase game assistance. To search for a specific function, go to the menu: Help – Game Perks.

When creating a game account, players are provided with free use of these functions for 3 hours.

Premium AccountAlways active, no need to activateLoot chance is increased by 10%. Sums up with the «Looter» perk.
All skills and stats are raised 15% faster.
All casts beneficial for your character affect you 15% faster.
Runebook doesn’t require charges from scrolls and doesn’t spend them.
Free Premium Bless.
No commission for selling items at the market.
New ImageTypr «.perk newimge to activate it.Changes the race and gender of your character.
Power HourType ».perk ph to activate it.When activated the skill is trained 300% faster. Can be activated for three hours a day (one activation per charge).
LooterType «.perk looter to activate it. When active, improves the quality of the loot of all your monsters along with treasure maps to level 1 and increases the chance of finding a magic item by 10% (2 charges per day for 1 hour each). In addition, all items you find are automatically identified.
LumberjackAlways active, no need to activateThanks to your exceptional exploration skills, the number of logs in your felling has increased by 50%.
MinerAlways active, no need to activateThanks to your exceptional exploration skills, the amount of ore you mine has increased by 50%.
ScholarAlways active, no need to activateAll the items you found have already been identified. Doesn’t require to use of the Identification skill on an item.
MediumThe perk is free and activated for 1 hour.When using skills, it shows the effectiveness of training. The higher the number, the greater the skill growth.
Zulu CoinsActivated automaticallyWith this perk, your game character receives 500 Zulu Coins.
InsuranceActivated automaticallyWith this perk, your game character keeps the items in the bank after death. Work for all types of deaths except in the zones where you can’t search someone’s corpse. The killer receives 4 ZulUSD instead.
SkillsActivate the perk in a special USD menuThe Administration allows purchasing skills gradually up to 130. The skills are limited to train for a certain period of time and these limits increase with every day.
For example:
Thus, you can buy 2 skills 75 each as in the picture.
When the limits change, the player can increase the skills until the next limitation (just as you enter the game or by clicking OK in this menu).
In this way, the player pays 13 ZulUSD for the skill which eventually will be increased to 130.