Game updates

13th of October 2023:


1. Training in the initial location is limited from 0 to 75.
2. In general the skill increase is limited to 130.
3. Skills increase from 130 to 200 is possible with specific books for specific skills, like Random Ancient Tome and Ancient Scroll of Skill.
The book unlocks 1 skill point (131-132-133-134). Use .showcaps command to check them.
4. Skill increase from 150 to 170 with 200 being the highest skill possible, is available via the the Skill purchase pole (Price = Skill).
5. Lockpicking is a common skill for all classes and doesn’t lower the class level of a character.
6. More empty scrolls are spent for scribing scrolls during the use of the Inscription skill. A unique Crystal Ball is added as a resource necessary for crafting the RuneBook.
A new item Enchanted Magic Crystal was added to a special armor “Ferocious Lion”. With a specific chance, it may increase the item’s level with the gained experience, gold, and hunting points.
Any scribed scrolls need reagents but do not require mana.
7. A new “Rope with Hook” recipe was added to the Tinkering skill to increase the “Ferocious Lion” armor’s experience. (The Enchanted Sphere to craft, then use the tool on the Enchanted Ingots).
8. A new recipe for home Cannon craft was added to the Carpentry skill.
9. A new recipe for the Healing Pill was added to the Cooking skill to restore health.
The recipe: 1 frying pan, 1 bottle of wine, 1 green fish. This pill restores health depending on the Cooking and Fishing skills.
10. Healing and Poisoning skills (healing by a Thief ) regenerate partially and not in a total number at once.
11. To use Stealth you must have at least 60 Hiding skill (previously it required 80).
12. A new Rebirth Potion recipe was added to the Alchemy skill. This recipe can resurrect your alley or an animal.
13. If the Stealing skill is used successfully, your character will stop hiding.
14. Shells are removed from the game in the Fishing skill.

Most of the skills changed. See the table to check the required skill for a specific craft.


1. Warrior, Adventurer, and Hunter have lost the physical protection received per level.
2. Bard, Mage, and Hunter have this magic efficiency received per level decreased.
3. All classes now have lower health received per level.
4. Mage now has MaceFighting as a class skill.
5. Thief switched his Lockpicking class skill to Tactics.


Item’s nameImageCraft or lootUse
Rope with HookTinkering skill.
Use the tool on the Rope and Kama.
Transfers the character to another location 1- 13 tiles similar to Teleport when out of battle.
Enchanted SphereTinkering skill.
Use the tool on Enchanted Ingots 8 pcs.
Requires 5 items of the Ferocious Lion armor set. Allows your armor to gain more experience.
Enchanted Magic CrystalsInscription skill.
Use the tool on Enchanted Ingots. Requires the following items:

Blanks Scroll (145), Star Saphire (30), Enchanted Ingots (1), Crystal Ball (3).
Is used on the leveled and experienced armor. 70 % chance of a successful leveling. When the level is increased, needs gold and hunting points. Has 5 charges.
Raid InfoLocated in every city near the bank.Creates a permanent additional loot that can be found in a specific dungeon. You can find more information about the additional loot in a special topic. The specified loot may drop from any monster in a specific dungeon. The dungeons change every week.
Crystal BallCan be found in mosters’ loot. This item is specified to create RuneBook and Enchanted Magic Crystal.
A Random Ancient TomeCan be found in mosters’ loot.When used, you can receive a scroll that may increase the total level limitation with a specific chance. From 130 to 135 and so on until 150.
Ancient Scroll of SkillCan be found in Random Ancient TomeIncreases the skill training limit to 5 points. The chances to succeed are 80,60,40, and 20 на успех. Please use the .showcaps command to see the limits.
Lower Rune EssenceCan be found in monsters loot.Provides the “Ferocious Lion” armor set with the ability to decrease the element protection of your enemy.

1. The “Ferocious Lion” armor set now can have experience and level. Experience can be gained with hunting or obtaining resources if the character is a Crafter. When leveling, characters gain an increase of the added stats and additional bonuses for all 5 items of the armor set. Read more in a separate topic “Ferocious Lion”.
2. Secret Book (Air, Fire, Necro, Water, Earth, Holy) mow lower the protection FOR 50% and not UP TO 50%.
3. All backpacks and chests depict max capacity and weight. All the items in these two categories now hold less quantity and weight.
4. Items placed in the Trash Barrel disappear after some time. We also fixed the bug that allowed throwing away stuff in someone’s house.
5. All jewellery can now break.
6. Additional stats from the items were decreased.
7. Any characters that have no access to a certain house but still somehow managed to get in won’t be able to log out as this character and remain in the game for about 20 min.
8. Chances to obtain a Blackrock weapon are minimal.
9. You can get the highest ore and wood only from Ancient Ent and Cursed Golem monsters.
10. Some items can now have new properties: Lower Enemy Resistance (similar to the Book of Secret), Hit Points, Stamina, Mana regeneration with +25 regeneration maximum every 5 seconds, and Lower Reagent Cost with a certain chance won’t require spending reagents at all.

Other news

1. The rules are written from scratch and the violation punishments are clearly explained.
2. There is no more bonus to the crafted weapon if used by the crafter himself.
3. Battle mode has 60-sec timer that restricts recalling and entering the teleports.
4. All items that had been previously provided along with the skill selection are removed. Now there is a menu of a class selection for the character that offers all available items.
5. New game landscape.
We removed the bridge from the Market and the number of vendors is limited.
Ice, Forest, Despise, and Deceit castles have more places for gathering resources. Read more in a separate article.
6. Castle seige events.
The castle is seized by the character who dealt the most damage and stayed alive at the property of the castle.

The invader can go into the dungeon without restrictions and mine resources (wood and ore), sell items for the game currency Zulu Coin, and place a merchant for free. For everyone else, resource gain is subject to tax and a daily payment, a merchant is placed for a fee, a tax is paid on income to the castle treasury to its owner, and entrance to the dungeon is also subject to a daily payment.

7. No Loot территории остаются только на территории старой торговой площади, арены и начальной локации и территориях боссов.
8. Paid service system:
Prices for all services have been raised. The system for acquiring gaming skills has been returned (available only in the game for Zulu Coin, in a special pole). Purchase occurs as follows: the administration controls the amount of skill and the number of skills available for acquiring. For example, on the day you acquire a skill, you will see the following message: 1 skill available up to 100. This means that for the amount of 1200 Zulu Coin, you can purchase 1 skill, which will be equal to 100 on the same days the purchase was made. The acquired skill cannot be purchased again, since it will be assigned to you. This skill will ultimately be raised to 130. With each inquiry, if the limits are raised, the acquired skill will be automatically raised to the possible maximum.
9. The overall value of the buffing casted spells has been reduced.
10. We added new icons to the buff panel.
11. Automatic healing through .options (bandage and some potions) has been removed from the game.
12. Upon entering the dungeon, the player character’s mount will go to the stable.
13. The maximum number of game characters running simultaneously has been reduced to 3.
14. The amount of gold for purchasing property was significantly increased.
15. The races Human, Goblin, and Dark Elf have been changed, see the special article for more details.
16. The spell Wraith Breath (mass paralysis) has changed its properties in relation to players, now it causes normal paralysis, which is removed with a hit.
17. Additional properties from Legendary and Perfect have changed.
Legendary: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence (1 + skill / 25);
Perfect: Either Strength or Dexterity, or Intelligence (1 + skill/35)
18. Void ore has the following properties: Holy, Air, Fire, Water, Physical, Lower Reagent Cost, Lower Air, Lower Holy, Lower Water, and Lower Fire.
19. Paradise ore has the following properties: Earth, Water, Physical, FreeAction, Lower Water, and Lower Earth.
20. Gold ore has the following properties: Lower Reagent Cost.
20. Hell ore has the following properties: Air, Fire, Physical, Lower Air, Lower Fire, and Lower Reagent Cost.
21. New Zulu ore has the following properties: Holy, Necro, and Air.
21. Elven wood has the following properties: Physical, Blackrock, Moonstone, FreeAction, Lower Water, and Lower Necro.
22. Darkness wood has the following properties: Necro, Water, Lower Reagent Cost, Lower Water, and Lower Necro.
23. Golden Dragon leather has the following properties: Air, Earth, Water, Fire, Lower Reagent Cost, Moonstone, Lower Air, Lower Earth, Lower Water, and Lower Fire.
24. Celestial leather has the following properties: FreeAction, PhysicalProtection, Holy, Air, and Blackrock.
Weapons with magic damage now require reagents and mana.
25. Balron leather has the following properties: Fire, Necro, Lower Necro, and Lower Fire.
26. Necromancer leather has the following properties: Lower Reagent Cost.

Karma and kills (Murderer)

1. Karme decrease: Kill = -1500, Traps = -5, Snooping, = – 1, Stealing = -1, Loot off someone’s corpse = -2, Loot off a blue corpse = -10, .
2. Limitation for red players:
Cannot use his own or other’s portals.
Trains skills 25% slower.
Use premium and regular buffs.
Use the services of merchants and bankers, except in the territory of BucDen.
Use Runebook, except in BucDen territory
Deals 10% more damage.

3. Looting someone else’s corpses:
а) Your karma will decrease with every item you loot off someone’s monster corpse within the first 30 seconds after death.
b) Your karma will decrease with every item you loot off a blue player’s corpse.

Start limitations

1. More powerful items of 1-2 levels.
2. No Enchanted Meteorite, GM Items.
3. No Pentagram.
4. All Dungeons are closed.
5. Limitation on the purchase of skills: within one day after the start it will not be possible to purchase skills.
6. T2A territory will be inaccessible to all players.
7. No castle capture event yet.
8. Ships are not for sale.

The upcoming updates

1. Weekly events.
2. Dungeons opening.
3. GM items are added to loot.
4. Higher loot.
5. Skills can be purchased.
6. Rare colorful animals that provide additional stats.
7. Mini tasks (craft, hunting, loot).

14th of October 2023:

1. We’ve adjusted the text on the scrolls that upgrade skills and stats 1-75.
2. Also, we fixed the depiction of poisoning after you cure it with the antidote potion.
3. From now on you can’t heal monsters with bandages.
4. Mining and Lumberjacking don’t break the tools completely now.
5. We’ve added a list of tasks under the “Quests” panel to the character’s menu. There you can check all the tasks you have.
6. You have more time to fulfill the tasks.
7. Any character can switch his/her race for free for 5 days from the moment of the creation. Use the pole on the Market square.
8. If you buy skills for ZulUSD, your initial skill level is 90 instead of 75.
9. You may now use small bombs in the Newbie dungeon.
10. We changed the depiction of the timer from 14 to 12 as it was supposed to be when healing with bandages.
11. The .sleep command no longer restores stats.
12. Some mobs didn’t inflict any damage, so we fixed that too.

18th of October 2023:

1. Lesser Mind Potion is added to monster loot.
2. Archers monsters now shoot on the run and don’t run like warriors do and then hit.
3. The charge for the skill switch at the pole is 5 Zulu coins now.
4. Monsters drop more gold.
5. A bug, during which fish would be cut into 4 pieces with an equipped knife, was fixed. (Without a knife you could cut it in 1 piece as it is supposed to).
6. You might encounter some difficulties while looting off your corpse and this will be fixed shortly. Soon you will be able to loot corpses with no delay if the killer is on your friends list.
7. Hunger significantly lowers your stats.
8. Musical instruments restore a small amount of the stats properties of the listeners.
9. A bug when a thief could steal from a logged-out character is fixed. 🙂
10. Previously, some magic staffs would incorrectly affect the stats on the matter of damage and attack speed, so we fixed that too.
11. The more difficult it is to kill a monster, the faster you will level your character. For example, training your skill on a Balron occurs 3 times faster.
12. Mutants do weaker damage reflection.
13. Since almost all players have been playing for more than 3 days now, the .rescue command from now on sends you to Buc Den (Buccaneer’s Den). Moreover, all NPCs in Newbie Land send you out into the world, as the playing time is more than 3 days.
14. Killing monsters provides you with more karma points.
15. We have returned the items’ ability to break when used with Mining or Lumberjacking skills because when they didn’t break, they would remain in the backpack.
16. All purchased skills are limited to 103 increase.

22nd of October 2023:

1. Animals can now stop following your commands and even leave you. (You should feed animals to prevent this. For example, Pack Llama and Pack Horse eat fruits and vegetables).
2. We have checked and corrected stamina decrease when the actual weight has not reached its maximum.
3. The number of fishing rods sold by NPCs has been increased from 5 to 10.
4. Tasks that are performed on training dummies should now be completed even if your skill is above 75.
5. The character’s hunger has acquired new properties: now the character can die from starvation.
6. Axes and Pickaxes break less often.
7. The Snooping skill can now be trained on NPCs.
8. Mage scrolls, which do not require mana to use now check the amount of mana for the spell. If your mana is 0, you won’t be able to cast the spell.
9. Some items (for example clothes that were weightless before) have some weight.
10. Some objects have become passable.
Update your game files.
(If some of you have a STEALTH update notification, save the stealth files separately, update the files and then place the saved stealth files back in the folder. Update only if it is required to update some other files).
11. Vampiric weapons reduce mana by 25% per hit.
12. The Mind Blast spell had a bug that increased damage. A 5th circle spell worked like an 8th.
13. The effect of poison from the Thief’s Poisoning skill has been changed. It now is based more on the level.
14. The error in growing plants has been fixed. Now the crops are obtained in a smaller amount.
15. All lanterns have 5 charges from now on and work only for 1 lvl Crafters. With their help, you can find any hiding character within the radius of 2 tiles.
16. Loot level increased to 4. (Of Power).
17. All skills purchased for ZulUSD are increased to 110.
18. Crafter weapons (Exceptional, Perfect and Legendary) can be fixed again if needed.
19. Premium Blesser cast is increased. Level 0 = 35 and with each character level +5 will be added to each stat.
20. We fixed a bug where weapons could depict incorrect parameters (+6, +12). All weapons will now add not +1 to the skill, but +2. (For example, it was +1 to Fensing, it will become +2 to Fensing).
21. Thief now ignores protection from poison starting from level 1.

25th of October 2023:

1. When a character turns while hiding, it doesn’t count as a turn.
2. “Sand” and “Clay” have corrected description (Tinkering Reagent).
3. We fixed a long crafting of an item with the Carpentry skill.
4. Piils for healing Ranger now correctly works with .eat rangheal command.
5. Drink. command has Mind Refresh Potion among the list of potions that can be used with it.
6. The Magic Fish effect now depends on the Taste Identification skill. The skill is additionally trained while eating this type of fish.
7. Weapons with Stygian effect (Legendary) now damage as much as Swift with 2 points higher speed.
8. Some corrections in PVE and PVP were made. The characters with the Parrying skill trained now block the damage better.
Stats do not increase damage now. Casting spells and wearing items improve only main stats like health, stamina, speed and mana.
9. The Inscription skill requires fewer scrolls: Spellbook – 1 scroll, Earth Book and Song Book – 2 and more, Necro Book and Holly Book – 3 and more.
10. Lockpicking requirements have changed too: 25 for the 1 level treasure chest, 50 for the 2 level, etc.
11. We corrected the criminal status for Ranger (with pets) and Thief (and poison). If there are any issues with the criminal status, feel free to send a private message to the administration of the shard.
12. Skills purchased for ZulUSD are increased to 115.

28th of October

1. New graphic image for “raw fish”, “fried fish”, “raw ribs” and “fried ribs”.
2. Items that protect from paralysis “Free Action” became normal at 20% instead of 5% offered by a Vendor in Britain.
3. Now planting vegetables and reagents provides 2 to 3 times more crops than you can buy from a Vendor for the equivalent price.
4. Now “Strength”. “Dexterity” and “Intelligence” stats can be bought for ZulUSD.
5. Loot items level is increased to 5 lvl. Chances to loot 4+ items are much higher now.
6. All stats and skills up to 130 can be purchased for ZulUSD.
7. Potions dropped from monsters have proper names.
8. We fixed a bug where Crafter’s Torch didn’t check if it was on. Now to reveal, the torch must be on the character. Charging time is 25 sec.
9. Veterinary skill works separately from Ranger’s pills.
10. Teratan hide can be obtained from all types of spiders.
11. In addition, players are allowed to rent land for construction below the tiles near the Britain city.

3rd of November 2023

1. Items break depending on magic too.
2. Items like Orc Mask and Skull are no longer received when skinning hides.
3. The scroll that increases skills (purchased for gold or quest points) is temporarily out of service until fixed
4. Items like Crossbow Bolt, Throwing Daggers, Gunpowder, Arrow, Ice Arrow, Fire Arrow, Feather, and Blank Scroll have lower prices.
5. There is a new item that improves a weapon or an item carried in the other hand (shield or carpentry book). The description of the item itself is incorrect and will be corrected soon.
6. Fewer reagents are found in loot now.
7. Balron can no longer teleport.
8. The Archery and Fishing skills gradually and more persistently increase strength.
9. Tree seeds weigh 1 stone instead of 5.
10. Security guards are back starting from Saturday at 8:00 p.m. +3 UTC.
11. The charge for calling guards (use .guards command) is 50 gold if you have gold in your backpack and 100 gold if taken from the bank. The delay between the following guards’ call is 10 seconds.
12. Temporarily you have an opportunity to see the loot that can be received from the monsters when you point your mouse arrow at them.
13. We fixed the color change of the character (becomes grey when killing monsters). We encourage you to report this problem whenever you encounter it.
14. The corpse icon no longer freezes when it’s being looted.
15. The Auction Pole is added to the game world.
16. The Leech spell adds 25 health instead of 125.
17. The Poisonous Bomb is added to the game world. More details will be published later.
18. The duration of magic buffs now depends on the Evaluation skill and is increased x 2.
19. Loot level is increased + 5.

10th of November 2023

1. Bard’s spells and Songbook: Faster cast and less mana required. (Previously, more mana was used than a mage would have to with Codex). The duration of Musical Shield, Song of Defense, and Song of Protection is longer.
2. All the chests have new weight.
3. The number of gems delivered to the Jeweller vendor is increased from 15 to 30.
4. All the treasure chests drop gems and Bard’s reagents.
Treasure chests levels: 1 = 1, 2 = 2, 3 = 3, 4 = 6, 5 = 7, 6 = 8. (The 4th level of treasure chests has higher loot than in the spellbook).
5. The color of the VIP guild can color the stone too.
6. Dragon’s and Ostard’s eggs do not work in cities anymore.
7. New clothes can be dyed into the VIP guild’s color.
8. The Musicianship skill restores the stats correctly.
9. The Poisoning skill used to save charges on the weapons with the help of any poison and would improve it with the strongest one. Now if the level of poison doesn’t match the previous one, the charges won’t be upgraded.
10. New rules for the owners who left their pets without supervision. If the untamed animal kills somebody within 10 min, the owner loses his karma.
11. Jewelry crafted with the Tinkering skill became a little stronger.
12. A corpse can’t be resurrected with Animate Dead if it has already come to life before. The maximum duration of the living dead is 240 seconds.
13. The Unlock spell requires 2 x more magery to open the treasure chests. If a chest requires 35 Lockpicking skill to open the treasure chest, then it would require 70 Magery.
14. The damage of an Animated Dead is reduced to 0.65 while combatting with monsters.
15. Weapons crafted from wood and ore now should work with reduced armor.
16. All the houses will have secured chests back.
17. During the PvP combat the following will be unavailable: Teleport home, teleport to a tile (local farming), and house building.
18. In the options, we added a choice of no notification of karma decrease while looting a corpse.
19. Meet a completely new mount Zulu Kookabara that provides all 20 stats while riding it. There will be only 1 respawn with a random time of appearance (up to 24 hours). The respawn location will be announced later.
20. Crafter’s items require fewer resources to fix them when broken. Any looted item can be fixed for Zulu Coins.
21. We assume, there is no longer an issue with Your True form (A mage would turn back to a human before the polymorph runs out. Please let us know if this problem still exists.)
22. The properties of Leech no longer freeze. (Again, let us know if you encounter this issue).
23. The security of the treasure chest depends on the loot’s level.
24. Corpses by the treasure chest guards don’t disappear anymore.
25. The coordinates of all the treasure chests have completely changed. Whoever has open chests, can trade them to new ones. Ask the administration about this.
26. The difficulty of unlocking the treasure chest is 35 x (level). The lockpicking skill is required.
27. The color of the main chat has changed.
28. The .guards command requires 50 gold from the character’s backpack only.
29. It costs 25,000 gold to switch your race.
30. It will be allowed to place vendors inside the buildings at the market square.
31. The poisoning bomb is added to the game. Use the poisoning skill on a poison bottle and the explosive bottle, and you will receive a super cool bomb.