Game commands

Game commands can be used to open various menus, interact with NPCs, manage different items, and many other options.

Commands for the characters

The following commands are typed in the game chat like this:

Example: “.myinfo”.


Provides information about the character.

The first page of the menu specifies the name and level information of the character.
You can see the accuracy of the weapon that is being carried at the moment of opening the menu.
There is also magic efficiency of different types of protection as well as elemental protection on the second page of the menu.
The character’s stats and skills are listed on the 3rd and 4th pages.
Any player can also set the highest stat and skill of all.
For example, you can train skills and stats until 150 level on your own and up to 170 with the help of Zulu coins. If a stat or a skill is ticked in the menu, it can be increased to 200.


Here you can change the password, loop or unloop item crafting and select the quantity of the items that can be stacked up, e.g. potion bottles, scrolls, etc.


On the character’s icon, there is a similar game command that shows the skills and lets you lock or unlock some skill training.


Shows the number of common reagents in the character’s backpack.


Shows the number of rare reagents.

Character’s commands

.cChanges in the functionality of communication between guilds.
.c + “text”Communication between your guild, your allies’ or opponents’ guild.
.countMove the cursor over the backpack to count the number of items.
.fixmeResets all frozen properties or casts of the character. (recast time 60 seconds)
.removejewelsRemoves all jewelry from the character
.guardsCall the guard (100 gold charge). Works in cities with guards.
.hungryCheck the character’s hunger.
.redeedDeed the item to the initial state (scroll).
.showclasseCheck the character’s level.
.whereFind out the coordinates of the character’s location.
.suicideKills your character.
.scastUsing spell scrolls via commands.
.rescueMove the dead character to the starting zone.
.forceportalRemoves or returns the confirmation menu when entering a portal.
.gChat with players (please follow the rules of the community)
.addcastlefriendAdd a character to the list of owners of the captured castle
.dateFind out today’s date.
.loveExpress appreciation.
.gquitLeave the guild.
.zulusalesList an item for sale in the main market’s auction room.
.dressinfoShow the bonus from ”Ferocious Lion” legendary armor.
.showcapsShow the skills unlocked to 130 and higher
.drinkDrink a certain potion.

NPC game commands

TitleFor whom usedFeature
BankBankerOpens your private storage.
BalanceBankerTells how much gold is in the bank.
WithdrawBankerWithdraws a certain amount of money from the bank.
HelpAlmost any NPCAlmost any NPC will tell you all the available commands.
BuyVendorBuy items from the seller.
SellVendorSell items to the seller.
Sell allVendorSell the same items.
Sell bagVendorSell all the items in the backpack.
Estimate bagVendorEstimate items in the backpack.
EstimateVendorEstimate item.
IdentifyMage or ScribeIdentify the magic item.
Vendor trainVendorLearn the skill
UncurseHighPriestRemove the cursed item.
PurifyHighPriestClear off the curse from the item.
HealHighPriestRestore health.
BlessHighPriestReceive Bless.
CureHighPriestReceive antidote.
ProtectionHighPriestReceive protection.
Detect CurseHighPriestDetect the curse on the item.

Commands for managing properties.

These commands work on your private vendor, in a house or on a boat, and on a tamed animal.

Commands for houses

i wish to lock this downLocks down the object
i wish to release thisUnlocks the object
i wish to secure thisCreates safe storage that only the permitted characters may use.
i wish to unsecure thisRemoves safe storage
i wish to raise thisLifts the object
i wish to lower thisLowers the object
i ban theeForbids the character to enter the house
remove thyselfLets the character o go out of the house
i wish to place a trash barrelPlaces a trash barrel
i wish to remove a trash barrelRemoves a trash barrel
i wish to place a home dummyPlaces a home dummy
i wish to remove a home dummyRemoves a home dummy
i wish to place a teleportPlaces a teleport
i wish to remove a teleportRemoves the teleport

Vendor commands

collectCollects money.
stripThis command takes away everything the vendor sells.
undressIf he was wearing your clothes and had your items, they will be put in your backpack. If he wasn’t wearing anything additional, his clothes will simply disappear.
helpShows all the commands the vendor supposedly understands.
wearPuts a piece of clothes on the vendor.
contactAllows the owner to fill in the contact information. Shows this info to a buyer (an email or ICQ).
statusShows how much money the vendor possesses.
purchaseAllows specifying the list of items and the price of items that the seller is willing to buy.
releaseFires the vendor. The vendor dies and the Vendor’s deed appears in your backpack.
followThe seller will follow you.
stopStops the vendor if the “follow” command was used previously.

Tamed animals commands

comeOrders to come close to your character.
dropOrders to drop all the items on the ground.
Orders to bring the item pointed at with mouse cursor.
followOrders to follow the creature pointed at with mouse cursor.
follow meOrders to follow your character.
guardOrders to guard the item pointed at with mouse cursor. The guarding animal or the one hired stays near the object and attacks anyone who is trying to hit, pick up or use the object, except for the owner and his friends.
guard meOrders to guard your character.
Orders to attack the creature pointed at with mouse cursor. Sometimes isn’t obeyed.
transferBy using this command, you will tell the animal to consider the character pointed at with a mouse cursor as the new owner. Is used when the animal is sold.
stopStops the current command.
stableBy giving this command to the Animal trainer and paying him a small sum of money, you will turn your animal into a deed. To un-deed the animal, drag your deed onto the Animal trainer NPC.
stayOrders to stand still.

Ship commands

leftMove left with no rotation
rightMove right with no rotation
stopStop the ship
turn Turn in the pointed direction
portTurn left
starboardTurn right
come aboutTurn around
fullGo full speed in the pointed direction
raise anchorRaise anchor
drop anchor Drop anchor
drydockPut the ship back in a scroll
ballastThrow an item or corpse overboard

Use of potions

To use a potion you should type .drink “name potion” in the chat. E.g.: .drink lheal.

TitlePotion’s title in the gamePotion’s properties
lheallight healLight healing potion
healhealMedium healing potion
ghealgreater healStrong healing potion
lpoisonlesser poisonLight poison potion
poisonpoisonMedium poison potion
gpoisongreater poisonStrong poison potion
dpoisondeadly poisonDeadly poison potion
lexpllesser explosionLight explosive potion
explexplosionMedium explosive potion
gexplgreater explosionStrong explosive potion
ldexlesser agilityLight agility potion
dexagilityMedium agility potion
gdexgreater agilityStrong agility potion
refreshrefreshMedium stamina potion
frefreshfull refreshStrong stamina potion
lstrlesser strengthLight strength potion
strstrengthMedium strength potion
gstrgreater strengthStrong strength potion
nightnightsightNightsight potion
lcurelesser cureLight potion of antidote
curecureMedium potion of antidote
gcuregreater cureStrong potion of antidote
invisinvisibilityPotion of invisibility
lintPhandel’s Fine IntellectLight potion of intellect
intPhandel’s Fabulous IntellectMedium potion of intellect
gintPhandel’s Fantastic IntellectStrong potion of intellect
lprotectlesser Mego InvulnerabilityLight potion of protection
protectMego InvulnerabilityMedium potion of protection
gprotectgreater Mego InvulnerabilityStrong potion of protection
magrefGrand Mage Refresh ElixirMana restoring potion
homericHomeric MightLight Bless potion
ghomericGreater Homeric MightStrong Bless potion
tamlaTamlaHoly potion of health restoration
ltransTaint’s Minor TransmutationLight potion of Transmutation
gtransTaint’s Major TransmutationStrong potion of Transmutation

Использование магической рыбы

To use it, you must enter .eat fbless or another name in the chat.

НаименованиеПредмет в игреСвойство предмета
fblessBless Magic FishTemporarily increases all stats.
fhideInvisibility Magic FishTemporarily hides the character.
fagiAgility Magic FishTemporarily increases the character’s agility.
fstrStrength Magic FishTemporarily increases the strength of the character.
fcureCure Magic FishHeals poison.
fhealHeal Magic FishHeals health.
fmanaMana Restore Magic FishRestores mana.

Scroll commands

To use scrolls, type .scast “scroll name” in the game chat. E.g. .scast antidote

Earth Book

owlsightOwl Sight
shiftShifting Earth
mammalsSummon Mammals
clightingCall Lightning
eblessEarth Blessing
eportalEarth Portal
ehealNature’s Touch
gustofairGust of Air
rfireRising Fire
icestrikeIce Strike
espiritEarth Spirit
fspiritFire Spirit
sspiritStorm Spirit
wspiritWater Spirit

Codex Damnorum

controlControl Undead
drayDecaying Ray
stouchSpectre’s Touch
aflameAbyssal Flame
animateAnimate Dead
wbreathWraith Breath
sbaneSorcerer’s Bane
spiritSummon Spirit
wstrikeWyvern Strike

Holy Book

gfestGrand Feast
aauraAngelic Aura
hreflHoly Reflect
removecurseRemove Curse
wgodWrath of God
dfuryDivine Fury
astormAstral Storm
sguardSummon Guardian

Song Book

songshieldMusical Shield
songcuratoCurato Musica
songmentisMentis Musica
songdivinaDivina Musica
songhasteSong of Haste
songdefenceSong of Defense
songglorySong of Glory
songcloakingSong of Cloaking
songlifeSong of Life
songearthSong of Earth
songairSong of Air
songfireSong of Fire
songwaterSong of Water
songfrightSong of Fright
songsalvationSong of Salvation