Healing is part of the class skill set of a Warrior and a Hunter
For efficient healing, a Warrior must have the Anatomy skill, which is not necessary for a Hunter.
Healing is used with the help of bandages that you can either buy or craft from cloth. The amount of restored health depends on the Healing and Anatomy skill, and the character’s level.

Skill efficiency

You may make healing automatic using the .options command and setting % health to be restored or poison, and automate the use of bandages.

Types of healing

Healing may restore your health, cure poison, and resurrect.
A different amount of skills and bandages are required.

Restoring your health

Use bandages on yourself or your alley to restore health.
Time required to heal: 10 seconds. The alleys are healed way faster.
Healing is not limited by your skill level. You can use Healing at any level of the skill.

If a character needs to restore a lot of health, sometimes the attempts of healing may be unsuccessful. After 120 level of Healing, you no longer depend on the amount of health that needs to be restored.
Bandages required: 1


To resurrect your skill must be not less than 90.
Bandages required to resurrect: 5

Ways of leveling your skill

Set automatic use of bandages with .options command.

There are several ways to train your skill. Select the best strategy using a free function: Help – Perks – Medium.

Stack up on bandages by buying them or crafting with Tailoring. You can get wool with the help of the Animal Lore skill and scissors, shier the sheep, and process the wool in the tailor store. Use scissors for the finished fabric. Use bandages for yourself or your goal.

The first method is healing in battle: it is necessary that someone would attack and damage. Set automatic healing in the menu for 50% healing and train your skill.
The second method is to equip and unequip your character with armor that has STR bonus.
The third method is valid only with a skill higher than 90. Kill and resurrect your target to train Healing. Use bandages on you or on your target
The fourth method through treatment from poison:

SkillHow to train it
1-30Learn the skill from a weapon merchant.
30-150Receive damage while sparring or in combat with a monster and heal yourself.
90-150Resurrect the character

Here is a detailed video of how the skill is used: