Karma and glory

Karma and glory define the character’s status and give a special prefix to the name.

A number of good deeds increase your karma and glory, e.g. killing monsters, crafting exceptional artifacts, etc.

Killing civilian residents or the death of your character lowers your Karma and glory.

-30000OutcastWretchedNefariousDreadDread Lord/Lady
-9999DespicableDastardlyWickedEvilEvil Lord/Lady
4999ScoundrelMaliciousVileVillainousDark Lord/Lady
2499UnsavoryDishonorableIgnobleSinisterSinister Lord/Lady
1249RudeDisreputableNotoriousInfamousDishonored Lord/Lady
+625FairUpstandingReputableDistinguishedDistinguished Lord/Lady
+1250KindRespectableProperEminentEminent Lord/Lady
+2500GoodHonorableAdmirableNobleNoble Lord/Lady
+5000HonestCommendableFamedIllustriousIllustrious Lord/Lady
+10000TrustworthyEstimableGreatGloriousGlorious Lord/Lady

Karma is decreased by:
Kill = -1500, Traps = -5. Snooping, = – 1, Stealing = -1 – in case it failed. Looting from someone else’s corpse = -2, Looting from the blue corpse = -3.

Looting from someone else’s corpse:

а) when looting from a monster killed by another player (not you), your karma decreases with each item you pick up if less than 30 seconds passed since the monster was killed.

b) when looting a corpse killed by a blue player, your karma decreases with each item you pick up.