What is a game without killing? When there is a chance to lose your valuables or kill your enemies it gets more interesting.

When committing murders or illegal actions (theft), others will recognize you as a criminal.

There are 3 colors for your name, characterizing the status of the character.

“Peaceful” status.

The blue color of the character’s name shows others your status as a “Peaceful” resident. This status has no threat to others. The guards do not care about you and can even help you if needed.

The standard color of a peaceful character is blue. If the player does not kill other players with the same name color, then he will permanently have the status of a harmless civilian.

“Criminal” status.

After an attempt to kill someone or steal other people’s items from bags or corpses, your character receives the status of a criminal. After that, the color of your name will be gray, and others will see it. In addition, guards can attack you in cities.

“Killer” status.

The Killer status is received after killing 3 peaceful residents. Everyone can see the red color of your name.

Your crimes will be forgotten after some time but some time has to pass.


Whenever you kill a harmless civilian your character receives 1 PvP murder which lasts for 48 hours. The timer of the Killer statue increases with every kill.

To sum up, the more often you kill civilians, the longer you won’t be able to use peaceful cities. No worries though. There are lots of unguarded cities, like Buc Den.

Restrictions for killers:

Can’t use teleports, neither his own nor someone else’s.
Trains skills 25% slower.
Can’t use basic buff and premium buff.
Can’t receive services from vendors and bankers anywhere except BucDen.
Can’t use Runebook anywhere except for BucDen.


Deals 10 % more damage.