Lockpicking is a part of the class skill set of a Thief.
Most of the time lockpicking is used to open treasure chests and locked doors.

Skill’s efficiency

The Lockpicking skill improves with the character’s leveling. All treasure chests have a level of difficulty which means how difficult it is to open the chest’s lock.

Ways of leveling your Lockpicking

The skill can be used only with the use of Lockpicks that can be crafted with Tinkering skill or purchased from a merchant.

Class bonus means an increase to all your bonuses. The final bonus is calculated from a factor depending on your level:


The repeated use attempt of Lockpicking is available in 10 seconds. For a more efficient skill, you should have at least 4 chests with locks’ difficulty that is appropriate to your level.
Thus, you may continue opening the chests without having to wait for another attempt.

Any chest crafted with Tinkering or Carpentry with a key will be suitable.
You may set up the chest’s difficulty of Lockpicking while crafting it.

The difficulty of Lockpicking is calculated with the help of the following formula:
1. If a chest was crafted by a character 0 lvl :
Tinkering = Lockpicking difficulty.
2. If a chest was created by a Crafter:
Tinkering * class bonus = Lockpicking difficulty.

Tinkering = 150, Level Crafter = 6.
150 * 2.5 (Bonus Class за 6 уровень) = 375 Lockpicking difficulty of a current chest.

A Thief has the same Lockpicking efficiency as a Crafter while creating chests.

You may use the next formula for calculating the successful Lockpickingfor a Thief :
Lockpicking skill * class bonus = Max possible chance of a successful opening.

Tinkering=90, Level Crafter = 3.
Lockpicking = 120, Level Thief = 2.

Required Lockpicking level to open the chest = 90 * 1.75 = 157.5
The limit of Lockpicking the chest that a Thief with 120 skill level has = 120 * 1.5 = 180.

That way a Thief can open the chest but will not acquire any skill increase. It is recommended to have 10 points higher Lockpicking difficulty than Lockpicking limit.

The chests and keys have been created in the game world to help low-level characters in skill training.
The depicted items can be purchased from Thief NPC.

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