Lumberjacking is part of a class skill set of a Crafter. Hatchet or Xarafax is required for this skill.

Skill efficiency

Logs can be separated into three categories: types of logs, the level of skill and success chance.
Besides, magical properties are also applied to crafted wood items.
Shields: A magical property that increases the character’s defense.
Shepherd’s hooks and bows: no magical properties added.
The exceptional property allows you to cast spells
Perfect increases attack speed and adds additional damage referring to a specified magical property.

TitleImageSkill requiredMagic Feature
Logs0Physical damage
Birch logs50Physical damage
Cherry logs75Physical damage
Swamp logs90Physical damage
Oak logs105 Physical damage
Hardranger logs110Physical damage
Jade logs115Earth
Stormteal logs120Air
Blizzard logs124Water
Vulcanic logs127Fire
Vampiric logs129Necro
Zulu logs130Necro
Darkness logs135Physical damage Paralyze spell
Elven logs140Holy
cast Dispel

Ways of leveling your skill

The skill is difficult to train. You must buy Hatchets or Xarafaxes from a Logger NPC and use them on a Tree.
We strongly recommend training the skill until 90 in the initial Newbie-friendly location.

Here is a detailed video of how the skill is used: