Magic Resistance

 Magic Resistance is a part of the class skills set of a Mage and a Hunter.

Current skill partially decreases the magic damage you receive.

Skill’s efficiency

This skill is effective against any magic and allows to get through better, therefore exactly mage characters are adapted to magery more than the rest.

Ways of leveling your Magic Resistance

0-33: you can buy the skill from any magic merchant.
33-60: use the Poison Field spell, run on the wall, and train your skill.
0-90: Stand to Fire Dummy in the Newbie Dungeon.
60-150: use Home Dummy near your home and provoke tamed Inferno Drake or Inferno Dragon to your training dummy. Stay outside of your house’s ground and train the skill.

This skill is tough to train on your own, so ask other characters to help.

When the character is trained better, you can use more Inferno Dragon and Inferno Drake for faster training.

Another way of training this skill is to use the spells on yourself.

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