Mining is part of the class skill set of a Crafter
A shovel or pickaxe is required to use the skill.

Skill efficiency

This skill allows the player to obtain three types of resources: sand, ore and clay.

Magic properties:

Magic properties affect weapons and armor in different ways.
In addition, the power of a magical property depends on the quality of the item: Common, Exceptional, or Perfect.

Armor carries a protective effect. Magic properties of Armor will increase your protection when worn.

Weapons carry a martial effect. Weapons of common quality won’t have any additional bonus.

If the weapon is of exceptional quality, the weapon will allow you to cast spells.

If the weapon is of perfect quality, the weapon will have increased speed and deal additional magic damage with the element provided by a specific ore.


How to obtain sand

Sand can be found on the shores of Britain.
After smelting the sand, the character receives glass.
The Tinkering skill allows you to craft glass items like potion bottles and others.

TitleImage Skill required

How to obtain clay:

Clay can be found in swamps.
The Tinkering skill allows you to craft items from clay, like alchemical symbols, statues, vases, and runes.

TitleImageSkill required

How to obtain ore:

There are a lot of places in the game world where you can mine ore: mountains, mines and ore lodes.
Smelt ore to be able to craft items from it.
Gold can also be smelted, but has no magical properties.

TitleImageSkill requiredMagic property
Iron Ore10N/A
Copper Ore35N/A
Black Dwarf Ore55N/A
Pagan Ore70N/A
Silver Ore85Necro +2
Spectral Ore95N/A
Lavarock Ore100Fire +2
Icerock Ore105Water +2
Mythril Ore110Air +2
Basilisk Ore112Earth +2
Sun Ore115Fire +2
Daedra Ore118Air +2
Holy +2
Doom Ore120Earth +2
Water +2
New Zulu Ore*124Holy +2
Necro +2
Paradise Gem*130Water +3
Earth +3
Hell Gem*130Fire +3
Air +3
Void Gem*135Blackrock +4
Necro +3
Holy + 3
* NOTE: Zulu Ore and special Gems can’t be found in safe zones
Moreover, unique gems can’t be obtained with Mining at all. You can only get them from special elementals all over the world.

Ways of leveling your skill

Mining is difficult to train. Only a Miner NPC can sell you a tool necessary to train the skill (Pickaxe). We strongly recommend training the skill until 90 in the Newbie-friendly initial location.

Here is a detailed video of how the skill is used: