Poisoning is a part of the class skill set of a Thief.

Combining hiding, surprise attack, and poisoning, a Thief is considered to be one of the deadliest characters, as you never know if he’s watching you.

Using the Poisoning skill a character may poison any of your weapons, food, or bandages.

If an enemy gets a poisonous weapon, the effect won’t be the same as for the Thiesf since the Poisoning skill level affects the attack too.

Skill’s efficiency

To poison weapons, you must stock up on poison itself. The higher the poison level, the more skill you should have. Use the skill on poison and a weapon.

With this skill, a thief poisons his weapon.

The higher the Thief’s level, the more successful the attempts to make his weapons deadly.

Weapons with “Blackrock” and “Piercing” properties cannot be poisoned.

If a weapon is successfully poisoned an automatic pop-up message will be depicted and Poison Charges will appear. Charges from 1 to 5 are available for each use.

A Thief may use Poisoning to heal. To do so, use poison on bandages.

Damage from poison depending on the character’s skill:

1-75 = 1 level of poison;
76-90 = 2 level of poison;
91-105 = 3 level of poison;
106-120 = 4 level of poison;
121-135 = 5 level of poison;
136-199 = 6 level of poison;
200 and higher = 7 level of poison;

Damage from poisoning depends on the poison itself too. If your poisoning potion is lower than the max poison level, then less damage is dealt.

Ways of leveling your Poisoning

Poisoning is a use skill.
This means in the settings it is necessary to assign a hotkey to the skill for its quick use.
Paperdoll – Options – Uo Icon

The delay before re-using the skill is 10 seconds.

Class bonus means an increase to all your bonuses. The final bonus is calculated from a factor depending on your level:


If the potion maker has a mage level, then the strength of the poison will increase:

The requirements for using the poison bottle with the Poisoning skill are specified in the following table.

While making poisonous potions the Poisoning skill requirements are increased according to the mage level.

TitelNo level1 mage level2 mage level3 mage level4 mage level5 mage level6 mage level7 mage level
Lesser Poison507575757575100100
Greater Poison125150160160160160160160
Deadly Poison150160160160160160160160

Moreover, the skill levels when poisonous bandages are used.

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