Skill start items

As mentioned above, choosing a specific skill will give items that can also be purchased from merchants. These items are needed for an easier start to the game.

If a skill isn’t in the table, that means no start items are given for it.

Some of the players create many characters and then pass all the items received to the main character and develop it faster. Others start saving for a house right at the beginning.

Alchemy4 Mortar, 50 Empty Bottle
Archery100 Arrow, 100 Bolt, 1 Bow, 1 Crossbow
Blacksmithy4 SmithyHammer, 50 Iron Ingot, 1 Tongs
Bowcraft4 Fletchtools, 50 Logs,
Carpentry4 Saw, 50 Logs
Cartography4 Pen and Ink for Cartography, 50 Blank Map
Cooking4 Fryingpan, 30 Raw Fish Steak
Fencing4 kryss
Fishing4 Fishing Pole
Healing400 Bandages
Herding4 ShepherdCrook
Inscription70 blankscroll, 4 Pen and Ink for Inscription
Lockpicking50 Lockpick, 1 Chest, 1 Key
Lumberjacking4 Hatchet
Macefighting4 Mace
Magery1 Spellbook, 1 Circle scrolls, 50 All normal reags
Meditation1 Full mage equip
Mining2 Pickaxe, 2 Shovel
Musicianship4 Instrument
Parrying4 Shield
Peacemaking4 Instrument
Poisoning30 Poison Potion
Provocation4 Instrument
Snooping1 Thief Gloves
Swordsmanship4 Katana
Tailoring1 tool, 4 scissors, 10 boltofcloth
TasteIdentification5 Poison Potion
Tinkering4 Tinker Tools, 50 Iron Ingot
Veterinary400 Bandages
All Char200 goldcoin, 2 skinning knife