Snooping is a part of the class skill set of a Thief. With the help of this skill, a Thief can check out what’s in the backpacks of other characters. This skill is efficient only with Stealing since there is no sense of snooping otherwise. While snooping the character’s reputation decreases and a Thief can be killed by the city guards.

Skill’s efficiency

The basics of Snooping is to be able to open someone’s backpack and take a look at the items inside.

How to open someone’s backpack:

You have to meet further requirements to be able to open a backpack:
1. The Thief’s gloves are on.
2. A character isn’t holding any weapons.
3. War mode OFF

Your character must also have a higher level of Dexterity than the opponent and a trained Snooping skill.
You may calculate your chances of a successful Snooping by using the next formula:
Successful opening = (Target’s dexterity +20) – (Dexterity of a Thief)
If your target also has the snooping skill, then the formula for your chances will be like that:
Successful opening = (Target’s dexterity +20) – (Dexterity of a Thief) + (Target’s Snooping +20) – (Snooping of a Thief)


Let’s pretend that a Thief has Snooping 100 and Dexterity 100
Your Target belongs to the Mage class, Snooping 0 and Dexterity 100
Successful opening of a backpack = (100 + 20 – 100) = skill 20.

How your skill is increased by the class bonus of the character

Class bonus means an increase of all your bonuses. The final bonus is calculated from a factor depending on your level:


How to see more items in someone’s backpack:

When someone’s backpack is opened, you will see all the victim’s belongings in there.
To control the chance of seeing the desired item you may use the next formula:

a = snooping skill of the thief;
class bonus;
b = detect skill of the victim;
c = thief’s dexterity;
d = victim’s intelligence;

Visibility of the item in % = (((a * class bonus/2,5) – b) * 60 / 200) + ((c-d)*10/100);
A 6 lvl Thief
a = 150;
b = 0;
c = 150;
d= 150;
The visibility of the item = (((150*2.5/2,5)-0)*60/200) + ((150-150)*10/100) = 45

Ways of leveling your Stealing

1-75 – train your skill on a dummy which is placed on the territory of ranged ammunition merchants in the starting location.
Further skill training can be performed on another character.
Take into consideration the difference between the Dexterity level. Your Thief character should have less dexterity than the Target. When Hidden the skill increases twice as more.

Training your skill on an NPC

Now you can train your skill on vendors, but we doubt they are going to give you their goods. Besides, they can call the guards…
Skill requirements:
Gardener = 40;
Baker = 40;
Barkeeper = 40;
InnKeeper = 50;
Tinker = 50;
Butcher = 50;
Fisherman = 50;
Beekeeper = 60;
Farmer = 60;
Carpenter = 70;
Tailor = 70;
Armorer = 80;
Blacksmith = 80;
Bowyer = 80;
Bard = 90;
Architector = 90
Shepherd = 90;
Jeweler = 100;
Alchemist = 100;
Ranger = 100;
Scribe = 100;
Mage = 110;
HighPriest = 120;
Thief = 130;

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