Spirit Speak

Spirit Speak is part of the class skill set of a Mage.

The effect of the skill, communication with spirits, is temporary 120 sec. The skill effect is reset by repeated use.

Skill efficiency

Whilst using this skill, a character has an opportunity to communicate with the dead and understand them. The spirit’s text in a cloud changes to a regular text instead of”ОоОООоо”.
Besides, there used to be a chance of receiving scrolls for powerful magic if used in a cemetery close to a graveyard, and sometimes an aggressive undead would resurrect and try to kill the caster.

Ways of leveling your Spirit Speak

This is a useskill. This means that you have to assign a button to it in the settings for prompt use of the Hiding skill.
Paperdoll – Options – Uo Icon

The delay before the next use is 10 sec. Just use the skill to train it.
If you fail a pop-up message will appear: “You fail to communicate with the netherworld.”.

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Here is a detailed video of how the skill is used: