Stealing is a part of the class skills set of a Thief. This skill allows you to rob your target and is possible only when using the tracking skill and while opening someone else’s backpack. The Thief’s reputation decreases when the character is trying to steal, and thus can be killed by a city guard.

Skill’s efficiency

To steal from someone’s backpack you have to match the following requirements:
1. The Thief’s gloves are on.
2. To carry no weapon in your hands.
3. War mode OFF

How your skill is increased by the class bonus of the character

Class bonus means an increase of all your bonuses. The final bonus is calculated from a factor depending on your level:


To succeed in stealing you may use the following formula:

classbonus = Class bonus per level;
a = the Target’s dexterity;
b = the Thief’s dexterity;
c = max (Detect Hidden of the Target, Intellect)/2 – most commonly the value is 75;
d = the item’s weight;

Stealing difficulty = (150-150) + 75 + 1 = 75
If a Thief has a level then 75/ by the class bonus.

Ways of leveling your Stealing

1-90 – train your skill on a dummy which is placed on the territory of ranged ammunition merchants in the starting location.
Further skill training can be performed on another character.
The heavier the item, the harder it is to steal it.
Therefore, let the other character have lots of heavy-weight ore or any other resources and level your skill. Try to pick the item’s weight that way so your Stealing would be more successful.
When Hidden the skill increases twice as more.

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