Stealth is a part of the class skill set of a Thief and a Hunter. This skill allows you to be invisible to discreetly move around.

Skill’s efficiency

The use of the skill is available only if the Hiding skill is more than 60.

While using the skill a character sees a pop-up message with a number of available steps. If you run out of available steps, your character will not be in Stealth mode anymore.

Detection while being Stealth

You can reveal a hidden character with the Detect Hidden skill, Reveal spell, and explosive potions. A character can be protected from Detect Hidden only with the help of clothes that increase your hiding skill. Magic protection with Blackrock +6 will make you safe from the Reveal spell, although it stops protecting you at the distance of 1-2 tiles from the spell.
There is no way to avoid being noticed after the explosive spells, so the best recommendation would be to escape them.

Most monsters have the ability to detect hidden, so be alert when passing them. Besides, there are traps on the ground in the dungeons that inflict damage and stop your Stealth mode.

Ways of leveling your Stealing

Use Hiding then Stealth.
Use Magic fish then Stealth.
Use Invisibility Potion then Stealth.
Use Invisibility then Stealth.

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