Tournaments “1×1” and “2×2”

These events are held for everyone. Your character must be at least 1 level. Please note that character level limits are not taken into account here, and if you have a weak character, you can still be set against a strong opponent.

In Tournaments 2×2 you either play with your own team against other teams, or you will be assigned to a random one.

This type of tournament can be either with an offered equipment or with your own.

If a tournament is with the offered equipment everything will be provided for you, so please come to the place of the tournament with empty backpacks.

If a tournament takes place using your own equipment it can also be either without losing any items or with a chance of loss.

The rest of the instructions will be notified in advance before the tournament.

Tournaments “1×1” and “2×2” rules

Spectators are prohibited from any actions that interfere with the event, like sending messages, etc. Violation of this may result in imprisonment for a long time.

Participants are prohibited from leaving the event without warning, delaying the battle process in any way that the administration may consider deliberate.

Participants who have lost may continue as viewers or leave the event.

The rest of the rules and awards for the event will be specified on social media and on the website before the start.