Tracking is part of the class skill set of a Ranger.
With the help of this skill, you may find a player, monster, or animal from a long distance.

Skill’s efficiency

When the skill is used you will see a pop-up menu in which there are 3 categories: Animals, Monsters and People. When the category is chosen, you will see a specific target with it’s name.

This is what a target choice looks like. You’ll see an arrow at the end of which there will be your selected target.

The tracking distance depends on the skill level.
The following formula is for non-class player: Skill / 3 = tracking distance.
If the player has a ranger level, then the formula changes in this way: Skill / 3 * Class Bonus = Tracking Distance.

The class bonus means an increase in all bonuses by a factor that is calculated from your level:


Ways of leveling your skill

This is a commonly used skill. This means you have to assign a button to it in the settings for prompt use of the Hiding skill.
Paperdoll – Options – Uo Icon

The delay between each use is 10 sec.
Way of training your skill:
Use the skill separately from similar skills. The more often you use the skill, the higher your skill level.

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Here is a detailed video of how the skill is used: