Wrestling is part of the class skill set of a Warrior.
This skill is based on the ability to fight with bare hands or using brass knuckles.
When the skill is increased the hit accuracy will increase as well.

Skill efficiency

This skill allows you to damage the opponent with bare hands or using brass knuckles that have the highest damage among all the weapons.

Ways of leveling your skill

Your character must be disarmed at all or use the weapons that belong to the Wrestling skill.
Use the Tab button or other options to attack your target and strike it. With each hit, your skill will improve.
Use the following recommendations that will increase your dexterity for efficient skill training:

  1. Magic cast, potion bottles, premium cast.
  2. Potion bottle of transmutation.
  3. Clothing for dexterity.
  4. High-speed weapons: swift, stygian, perfect.
    Use them all at the same time.

Here is a detailed video of how the skill is used: