Quest: The Kidd’s Pirate Treasure (Completed)

Winner: Completed

Quest: The Kidd’s Pirate Treasure

Great Captain William Kidd has done lots of pirate raids and marine robberies. As time went by towards the end of his life, he decided to leave several diaries with the description of the places where he had hidden his treasures containing gold and jewel stones.
Unfortunately, not all of the diaries could last till our time. The ones that did can be found on his ship. Try to solve the coordinates and find Kidd’s vast reward.
Consider a significant rivalry and be the first one to grab the biggest amount of treasures.

The last Kidd’s ship was spotted in a city harbor. You can get there by using the pentagram of mages in Moonglow town.

Hurry up, wealth always attracts lots of “gold diggers”