New in-game features

We announce the latest in-game updates that will be applied to the shard after the reboot:

  1. You can’t recall during the capture of Ice, Despice, Minoc, Forest castles. So, during the capturing of a castle you’ll have to break the barricades and into the room with the statue instead of simply recalling there.
  2. The banker in Newbieland will refuse to service the characters who are in the game for too long.
  3. The altar won’t disappear after killing the bosses, such as Miranda, Magrena, and Apocalypse. It will turn grey instead.
  4. Several mobs received some additional protection (2.0 – 3.0) from Necro and Holy Magic. That way it will be a bit more difficult to kill them with a Perfect weapon.
  5. .suicide command now works once a minute, so if you want to train in the Arena, you don’t have to wait between the rounds.
  6. In the Arena you may choose only the characters within the screen. We’ve fixed a bug when you could choose a character with last target.
  7. Home Dummy now die outside the house.
  8. Vendors no longer obey the Estimate Bag command, because it slowed down the server’s work with estimating the price of items in the bag. Some smartasses would estimate bags with 300 of stuff in them.
  9. Poisoning with poisoned weapons is improved. The charges are not spent if a character is already poisoned.
  10. A new PvP dungeon for Premium Account players will appear in the game soon. It will have a separate path for each class taking into account the skills and abilities of each class. You will be able to visit it once a day!