New in-game updates

Dear players,
We have some great news for you:

  1. After the reboot, the commands sell all, sell bag, sell container are available again.
  2. If a mask on your character is stuck or turned out to be cursed, you may use .fixme command to take it off.
  3. Farmers now can plant only one seed on a tile.
  4. The most expected feature for the owners of big houses – teleports inside the house! 🙂
    You can place a teleport using the command i wish to place a teleport and then choose a place of entrance and exit.
    To remove a teleport use the i wish to remove a teleport command.

You may place a teleport only within the house walls, on the roof, and in towers. And that’s not all! You may create a portal from one house to another if both of the houses belong to you.

Have a great game, everyone!