Graphics updates and fixes

After the server’s restart the following changes have been applied:

1. Considering that all the weapons may break Omera and Xarafax have been also added to this list. Check the integrity of the pick-axe and the axe and mend them if required.
2. You may now sell your items to vendors not more often than once per 5 seconds.
3. Codex, the Book of the Earth, the Bard’s Book may be sold to vendors for Zulu Coins.

Graphics and decoration updates:

1. The texture of the bridge in the Fire dungeon is now fixed, so there won’t be an impassable place anymore.
2. New territories for chopping logs are added, similar to a personal mine.
3. The look of Spellbook is changed. It is now placed in the right hand like a shield. You may take a single-handed weapon with the book.
4. Voidmaker staff is now considered as a single-handed weapon and can be held with the Secret Book.
5. Several houses’ textures were fixed. So, the spots where you could shoot through or grab some items through the houses’ corners no longer exist.