What’s new? Server update (03.01.21)

Hey guys!
It’s been a while since we had some news for you, so here we go.

1. Some GM items have received the following properties:
Night Dweller – ignores the opponent’s enhancement of Dodge.
Demon’s Poker – ignores the enhancement of Damage Absorb.
Shadow Maw – ignores the enhancement of Damage Reflection.

2. Assassin weapon ignores Damage Absorption

3. The animation of the Home Dummy is cut by 40%, the damage is removed completely. Nevertheless, all the skills and stats can be trained and weapons can be broken.

4. Mining no longer brings unnecessary stuff, like maps.

5. After the reboot weapons that have casting features will depict the circle of magic so that you would know what level of magic immunity you require.

6. The corpses vanish faster if a) they have nothing in them or b) the corpse is in an anti-harm zone.

7. Casting spells on mobs won’t be turned down:-)

8. Some changes have been applied to snooping and the items depicted during that.

And much more optimization introduced to the game to decrease server upload, as the consequences, fewer lags will appear.
Sincerely yours,
Zuluhotel team