Today’s updates (30.01.21)

Today’s updates:

1) Human race received a 10% hit chance

2) Orc race received 10 physical damage reflection

3) Reflection’s enhancement is now 20 max + 10 due to the Orc’s race. So, it makes 30 points total, like it was before.

4) Ring mails now have the same protection as chainmail (legs + chest)

5) We’ve fixed a bug, due to which worn protection stayed on until the character is offline or types .fixme, in a case when the worn protection was enhanced and got broken.

6) When a Thief hits with a surprise attack, the opponent is disarmed (shield and sword).

7) Snooping is now the way it was until the previous fix: armor and weapons are depicted as necro-reagents. All the rest has its initial look.

8) Thief has PvE damage increased.