The winners of the skill giveaway (Feb 11, 2021)

What’s a skill giveaway?
Every day we give away 2 skills 115 in the game and 1 skill 115 in Discord (you get to choose any skill you want). If for some reason there were no skill giveaways, 6 skills will be presented to players the next day. Long story short, no matter what 21 skills are given away per week. There are no requirements for participation except for being online and reply to GM’s message to see that you are really online at the moment of drawing. The system randomly picks a character and if the player is not by the computer another character is picked until all the scheduled skills are given away to the players. To win in Discord it’s enough to be on the ”Online” list. In Discord, we choose a winner randomly among all the users online at the moment of drawing and notify the player that he/she can receive the prize at a suitable for him/her time.
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The winners of the skill giveaway
Rex – skill isn’t chosen yet
LuckyLuke – skill isn’t chosen yet
Rives – Poisoning 115
ABTo6yC – skill isn’t chosen yet
][ – skill isn’t chosen yet

Bigtime Beagle – Lumberjack 115
NoName – Hiding 115
Drunkard – Wrestling 115
Attila – Animal taming 115
Creator – Forensinc Evaluating 115
Vulcano – Tinkering 115
a hurt – Magery 115
Niniath – Tracking 115
YPTO – Luberjacking 115
Efesto – Blacksmith 115

Could have won but weren’t by the computer at the moment of drawing: Peresco, Felix, Creator, kaksak, Mizumi Rinaki, Triton, TiCasque, Alekseay Z, Count Zero, Dumus, Versace, GokazzZ, Ghellordo, Grey, kaksak, Cyka, Streikbrecher, Gilbert Rozon, Dobind, Nayft Naelhyrr, Gas Nervino, Jakobz, Cemka, Ypss, Bjorn,a hurt, AdamSmith, Dumm, Prada, PapaSmither, UncleJoe, Jogular UthMergo, Drakuun Velthurn, Occidere Vultus, Euphoria, Rocket Bunny, Terra, Topa, Triton, Devil, Bjorn, Tom, uberbagger, Pushkin, Rostik, Vamp, Magikan, Nayft Naelhyrr, Runner, Gefest, FortuneTeller, Sbrawez, Mayleane, Tinkb, Bappuop, Boss, Lermentov, Moonlight, Parry, WeAreRussian, Winter Lady, Clay-ton, Ahnenerbe, Grey, Muller, Tom Yam, biba, Amnesia, Nizumbum, Dumik, Ron, BoTaHuk, TpuToH, Felix, Aunt, Craft, Zilobobba, Worker, ooOooOoo, Diana, Alpengold, Marsimys, Saint, Kura, Alenka, nyLLIka, EddieNIro, Satou Rina, Tolstoy, SupaDupa, Cvetan, Benetti Rolfo, Balron, Mark Aurelius, Razyelopenpac, Inferno Rosso, In Ukraine, Boromir, WeAreRussian, Barnabas, Starcrafter, Noodles, slit, Robin Hood, Thrull, PiyPiy, JanJak, Lee, Karen, Kopay, Royce, Allahu, Pushkin, Streikbrecher, Lorth, a wraith, Dobind, ooOoo