The latest updates (21 Feb, 2021)

Hey everybody!

1) Starting from today, the server won’t be restarted automatically every 2 days, but only when there are updates to apply.

2) There is a new command .salvage with the help of which you can recycle your old stuff back into resources. You will receive 30% of all the materials spent on crafting an item.
Note, if 30% of the resources are equal to less than 1, you won’t be able to get any of the materials.

3) Repair Kit has been added to the game world. You can fix your items with a 100% guarantee that they won’t break during the repairs.

4) The Perks’ prices in your account went down a bit, at the same time, the Perks’ prices in Zulu Coins went a little up.

5) In the Perks menu the prices for their purchase will be depicted. If you have never used the Free Perk, you’ll see that info there too. (free| 12h)

More game updates soon.
Stay tuned and enjoy your game with Zuluhotel!