Recent updates

The following updates will be applied to the game after the shard is rebooted:

1) A new enhancement “Magic Damage” is added to the world. Only books can be upgraded with it (Secret Book of Fire/Air/Water/Earth). Each enhancement adds 5 to the inflicted damage. E.g.: By improving the books +5, you add +25 damage points. It’s similar to Vanquishing, Devastation, etc, for weapons.

2) Poisoning now works with Scalpel and Amoroth weapons.

3) Let us remind you that poisoning induced with a skill inflicts damage more often than permanent poison. Keep that in mind!

4) All the classes can wear Xenon armor, even Mages, Thieves, and Rangers.

5) When hitting from hiding (Surprise attack) Thief hits accurately and doesn’t ever miss, also disarming the opponent. Use this ability in PvP battles.

Enjoy the game!