Event: Labyrinth – March,18


Event: Labyrinth
The event starts on March, 19 at 8 p.m. CET

Mission: Finish the event among the three first players to receive the main prizes. It’s not just a labyrinth, you have to find the right portal that leads to another one and so on, till you reach the finish line.
In the final part of the event, you’ll have to figure out which tile will let you go forward and which one will throw you back to start. In this case, try to memorize the right portal you have chosen before.

Entrance: Come without any equipment whatsoever. All the participants will have to go throw “Purgatory” to make sure that no player could bring something along.

Note! You can take part in the event only running without any ridable animals. Otherwise, the players will be disqualified and thrown back to the Market, if spotted.