Some cool updates

Hey all! We have some great news again! 🙂

1) Blackrock weapon now works in a bit different way.
Previously, while hitting with it, 400 mana was drained and dispel after. Therefore, you needed 2 hits to clear the mana to 0. This caused a major imbalance affecting Mages since mana is their weapon.
Now, while hitting, there is a dispel, then 100 mana is drained. This way, you will also need 2 hits to remove all mana to 0.
Keep in mind the following!

2) Mages and Bards received mana bonus for level, 40 mana per level for Mages and 30 for Bards.
Therefore, to destroy Mages’ mana you need 4-5 hits. Which gives them a chance to stand up against other classes.

3) Using items that give + Int has a sense now. Because that way you will increase mana and more hits with Blackrock is required.

4) Items + Int add bonus to magic efficiency. 1 int = 0,3 magic efficiency.
(This feature is still in progress and needs a finishing touch).

Have a great game!