New game season starts 22nd of October, 2021

Dear friends,
The Zuluhotel team gladly announces the start of a new game season which starts 22nd of October, 2021! We are happy to present you with the latest updates of the gameplay! We’ve been working really hard on them.

Since the Zuluhotel team values its players dearly, we took into consideration each player’s wishes and ideas to create the perfect formula of the gameplay that makes your gaming experience even more exciting!

Here are some of the upgrades to get you interested 😊:

  • a completely new spellbook “Holly Book”;
  • lots of new weapons, armor, artifacts, and ridable animals;
  • our new NPC Tutorialseller can offer you absolutely all skills for purchase;
  • various intriguing class changes and many more (look for more info on our website)