1. Now there is an opportunity to copy Runebook with all the runes.
  2. Fixed a bug where an item created with the crafting skill was empty.
  3. Fixed a bug that allowed only a mage to use the Holly Book.
  4. Some map defects were fixed.
  5. Fixed some errors when items were worn on the wrong body parts.
  6. Myinfo no longer has a bug when the 6th maximum level was depicted.
  7. In all dungeons and boss’ lairs, the restrictions on entry through the portal have been removed.
  8. Scrolls from the Holy Book and Song Book were added to the cast command. Look for more info on scrolls in the Help-commands menu.
  9. New boss altars will be installed, as well as new altars of the highest mobs (in the world). All coordinates and screenshots will be posted later here and on Wiki.
    An altar is an object that starts a process for summoning bosses.
    To summon a boss or a mob, you need to kill as many monsters that 20 red candles would appear on the altar.
  10. We reduced the weight of magic fish from 1 to 0.1.
  11. We reduced resources requirements when creating new items. Skills (BS, Bowcraft).
  12. Added selectable labels for GM items and a new One-handed crossbow for bards.
  13. Cast armor is repaired and has its effect once the damage is taken.
  14. Detect is fixed too. PP of 6 and 7 levels detects like Thief of 1 and 2 levels. The minimum 5% requirement to detect is removed.