1. An error when crafting scrolls from Bard Book is fixed.
  2. The .cast command when using the Bard Book is fixed.
  3. The requirements of items to cook new food with positive effects are lowered.
  4. Two new boss altars are added to Info Vault (the
  5. Veterinary skill is improved and now gives x2 HP regeneration.
  6. Minor landscape bugs are fixed.
  7. You can type the wanted text in Page once again.
  8. Song of Calm (bard’s paralysis) is added and can be depicted to the buffs menu.
  9. Like it was before, you can delete trees that were put in the Castle.
  10. Starting from today, vendors are no longer interested in purchasing empty bottles and arrow shafts.
  11. All the new fishes now have names.
  12. Now you can find places of respawn of ridable animals in the world. More specific information (screenshots and coordinates) about that will be added soon. You can find the info on a required skill in the tables under the name of the animal you are interested in.
  13. Mages have an opportunity to write up to 20 scrolls at a time.
  14. Omera received an upgrade. Mining ore increased 1.5 times. (before it was 30% = 2 gems instead of 1, and now it’s x2 all the time). Gems: hell, paradise, void.