Fixes and updates

1. You can perform any activity while taming animals.

2. Owners of “Premium Account” perk from now on have God Blessed Sorcerer Book bonus. When the book is used the spells are increased by 3 in comparison to the basic numbers.

3. Weapons fixes have also changed:
– GM – 25 coins,
– Swift – 10 coins,
– Stygian – 15 coins.
Besides, the chances the weapon can break have decreased.

4. All the altars in the world have been modified. Now Zuluhero or Sir Thomas may appear randomly (except for higher mobs).

5. The cursed Alchemy items now work properly.

6. With each level Mage becomes more accurate when using weapons with MaceFighting skill.

7. Bosses Margena and Miradna work properly.