Here is what’s new since the last restart

Here is what’s new since the last restart:
1) We’ve added a portal to the new lands. They aren’t completely inhabited yet, but you can go ahead and take a look, and maybe mark some runes.

2) Healing protection now affects healing with magic fish. We hope Rangers will be pleased.

3) Since the amount of Zulu Coins that drop from mutants has changed, they obtained protection from necro magic and ordinary magic up to the seventh magic circle. Be cautious.

4) We’ve slightly improved the intelligence of the casting mobs. Now they can come from up close and heal themselves if necessary.

5) After using the hiding skill, a character can become stealth for a couple of steps before using the Stealth skill. The number of steps the character can do in stealth depends on class bonuses and how much the Stealth skill is trained.

6) We’ve significantly improved ourselves in creating customed GM armor. So very soon we will present new opportunities. 🙂

7) Only exceptional items that don’t have scripts on them can be enchanted. No target or action is shown after the double-click.

Enjoy the game you all!