Updates from 30 Dec, 2021

Dear players,
Here are the updates that started from 30 Dec, 2021:
1. We’ve changed the effect of strength on additional damage by 0.2% per unit of strength. Previously, it was 0.3% damage per strength. Strength affects close-up damage.
2. Hitting accuracy has changed: damage from the back is inflicted with an accuracy of +20%. If the character stands with his back to the enemy, then the accuracy is reduced by 20%.
3. Also, there are some changes made to the creatures that appear from “statue” mounts and can be found in the loot. Now they obey commands and may stop loving you as a master.
4. A chance of statues mounts drop has been increased.
5. The following sets are removed from loot: Ryous, Elven, Darkness, Drakon, Infernal, Sylvian, Woonders, Zephyr, Sargon, Plasma, Rock, Fairy Blood, Templar, Fortune, Sacred Star, Damned, except for the following items: Shield of Rock, Shield of Templar, Shield of Fortune, Shield of Damned.
6. The following items have been added to the game: Enchanted Meteorite ( legendary meteorite ore, after smelting which you can forge your armor).
7. The following items have been added to the game: Enchanted Dye Tub (paint for legendary armor). Enchanted Rune (a rune for creating armor bonuses).
8. A new NPC merchant has been added to the game, that sells items for creating legendary armor.
9. A chance of the Elemental Lord of Pentagram drop has increased.
10. Elemental Lord has been moved to other safer locations.