The latest updates

  1. The keys that are created when setting up a house or a ship will now have Newbie properties.
  2. Shadow Lord, Greater Shadow, Lesser Shadow monsters can no longer walk on water.
  3. We’ve edited the properties of excessive overload. Your stamina will be greatly affected in case of overload.
  4. Also, there are some updates in Hiding and Stealth skills. You will be reported how many steps are available for you when using Stealth. You may fully use Stealth through Hiding. Using Stealth through invisibility bottle, magic fish, invisibility spell is limited to 5 steps.
  5. Items with Newbie properties will further have a detailed description of their properties on them.
  6. Mobs’ speed is lowered. Mutants will have +25 speed to their level at the time.
  7. The amount of resources obtained (Logs, Ore) is twice as low as previously.
  8. We’ve updated the file in the installing files on the website. Update them via Orion.
    All the updates will apply after the files upgrade.