Updates from 29/04

Hi to all the players!
Updates from 29/04:

  1. Items that do not drop after death are called Newbie. These items have their own depiction available to all players once you move the mouse arrow to “A Blessed Item”.
  2. Merchant Bard, now sells a type of bard’s scrolls from his music book which allows you to restore mana.
  3. Bottle of NightSight was removed from the game. Instead of it, there are minor mana restoration potions that are approximately equal to Greater Heal Potion.
  4. A new Dispel Potion was added to the game world. Its effect is exactly like a spell. To create it you must have the required skill of Alchemy at 06 at least and the following resources:
    1 empty potion
    4 Pumices (0x0F8b),
    1 Pig Iron (0x0F8a),
    2 Obsidian (0x0F89).
  5. All potions have been changed regarding the way of their usage and the time of the next appliance.
    Brief description:
    Heal, Mana, Cure = Total cooldown (10 seconds);
    Refresh = Separate cooldown (30 seconds);
    All Bless Potion = Separate cooldown (80 seconds);
    Invisibility Potion = Separate cooldown (30 seconds);
    Dispel Potion = separate cooldown (120 seconds);
    Poison Potion = separate cooldown (10 seconds);

All specified timers are displayed at the top of the screen.
If it’s a total recovery time, then from the indicated group you can only drink 1 bottle every 10 seconds.
If it’s a separate cooldown, then each bottle has its own cooldown time.

  1. The provocation skill is available for training in the initial city.
  2. Stealing and Snooping Skills have been changed:
    The distance to the available area for opening someone else’s bag was reduced (not more than 2 tiles).
    The time to the next attempt to open the bag has been increased from 5 to 10 seconds.
    To use the skill the character must be wearing thieves’ gloves and be unarmed.
    The visibility of items in the victim’s backpacks is back in the game.
    Although now a Thief will not be able to see all the items in his opponent’s backpack. Items will be shown depending on the amount of the Thief’s skill, dexterity, and game level, as well as some characteristics of the victim. such as the character’s game level and intelligence.
    The time of the next try to steal has been increased from 5 to 10 seconds.
    To use the skill, the character must be wearing thief gloves and be unarmed.
  3. The Apocalypse spell (Holy Book) has been improved in terms of dealing damage with different elements.
  4. The spell Animate Dead (Codex Damnorum) doesn’t resurrect bosses anymore.
  5. The Fire Ball spell (spell book) when hitting a target creates a wall of fire under it.
  6. Fire Field (spell book) now deals damage if the target is standing on a wall.
  7. Poison Field (spell book) now poisons the target if it is standing on the wall.
  8. Spell Poison deals damage depending on magic skill level. Previously, there was a bug causing very big damage to the target at 50 Magic level.
  9. The Anatomy skill, when used on a target, takes into account the maximum limit of physical protection.
  10. The item’s weight is now depicted.