Latest updates

1. The property rights for a house can be transferred keeping the information about the tenants.
2. Essence can be sold for 600 gold coins or 5 Zulu Coins in Zulu Shop.
3. You can no longer exchange Zulu Coins in Zulu Shop.
4. Automatic sale of items for Zulu Coins at the Market (big pavilion) is switched off.
5. To all the characters who receive pension allowance from Lord British for full 24 hours playing online: The amount of Zulu Coins allowance depends on the level of the character that you log in.
6. You can place Home Dummy only in a house using the character’s coordinates. Home Dummy limits are increased to 2x.
7. Mounts have intellect now if they are used with VIP Guild.
8. Premium Blesser has started trading with simple citizens. His cast costs 5 Zulu Coins.
9. Alchemy as well as similar skills are fixed.
10. Physical protection of the Leech spell won’t crash now.