Items insurance for Zulu coins

Dear players!
We’ve been thinking about whether we should apply item insurance for zulu coins.
We ask everybody to read this post carefully before judging too quickly.

If most of the players vote for it, then the insurance will look this way:

1) Only specific items picked by the owner will be protected by the insurance, not all the items.

2) The insurance is valid for one death only. The next time the items have to be re-insured.

3) The insurance cost (in zulu coins) will depend on the type of the item and how valuable it is. E.g. a piece of clothes will start from 50 Zulu coins, and +50 for each enhancement that gives a total sum of 200 zulu coins. Weapons start with 100 zulu coins and the insurance of a weapon enhanced 3 times will end in 400 zulu coins. This means protecting a whole set will be too expensive and there will be no empty corpses ever.

4) Now to the most important part. After death, all the insured items will be returned to the owner’s bank, and the killer receives the rest of the uninsured loot and all the zulu coins the victim spent for the insurance costs.

There will be a couple of days to think about it. After a few days, we’ll ask you to vote for or against. We appreciate your opinion.