New updates

Dear players,
A number of changes have been uploaded to the server. Some are already applied and others will be applied after reboot.

  1. To make hunting more interesting for you and to increase the value of the jewelry obtained while hunting, it is allowed to apply essences (skills, stats, protections) to the following things:
    ⁃ GM items (not weapons)
    ⁃ Jewelry (not crafted and that can be enhanced only while wearing it).

Now it makes sense to loot some awesome jewelry and enhance it later.

  1. Damage of a number of mobs has changed too.
    ⁃ Tainted archers will pierce armor but do little damage. Previously, without physical protection they damaged severely and caused almost no damage while wearing it. This update requires a shard reboot.
    ⁃ All casting mobs will deal the minimum damage casting (5 damage).
  2. The maximum bonus from enchantments for each parameter has been raised to 30 (previously it was 20). Now it makes sense to improve all your items to the maximum value.

Monsters don’t loot anymore 🙂

The preparation for the New Year continues 😉