Home case with collections

In the game world there ate tons of different items that are gathered in gid quantities and chests can’t hold them anymore. So, the players have to place them in their house and it becomes a mess.

To avoid such a situation “Home case with collections” has been created.

For more information about Home Case With Collections click on the link:

To sum up, you must have 120 Carpentry skill and 400 logs of any kind.

Use the saw on the logs and follow the instruction in the pictures.

Select the “Container” tab.

Go to the 8th page to find the item you need.

If successful, the item will be crafted as a scroll.

This scroll can be opened and set up only in a house.

Every character, even without any property rights can use it in a house.

Item’s info

So, here you can see detailed information about the item, what’s contained in it, and the way it can be used.

When opening the Home Case with Collections you will see a menu with the following categories of items:

1. Reagents of rare and common types.

2. Gems.

3. Resources like ore, logs, leather, cloth, wool, glass and clay.

4. Food: drinks, raw and cooked food, and magic fish.

5. Potions. There are two conditions during which you can place potions in the case. a) You have Potion 2 level and you’ve placed it in the case. If you try to place there the same type of this potion but of 3 level, you will fail. In this case, you will have to get rid of a weaker potion and then place a stronger one. It’s been done this way to help you avoid the mistakes of creating too many potions, especially having bunches of unnecessary weak ones.

6. Money: Gold or Zulu Coins.

7. Ammo, as well as arrows and feathers.

8. Misc category has all crafted items or items used as resources.

9. Mage Scrolls of all types.

10. Enchanted Scrolls of clothes and weapons (Cast, Armor, Damage, Hit), and runes for legendary protection.

Click on the icon to add an item to the case.

Select the quantity of the item from 1 to 60000 (any number for game currency) and select the icon like on the image to take the items out: