How to create your character

First login

Type in your login and password and press Enter.

Select a game world. Most of the time it’s the only one on the list, so just press on the planet icon.

The game client is downloaded from an official website, so there are classes like Ninja, Necromancer, Samurai, and Paladin. They are inactive here, only on POL server.
Select Warrior or Mage.
The best way of choosing your character would be Advanced, so by reading some information about classes you could select an appropriate skill set.

You may choose 4 skills and main properties. It’s not very important to select specific ones, as all the skills can be trained and stats may be improved.

Choose a man or woman. Because this is POL server, the rest of the options will be unavailable.
Please name your character decently. Otherwise, your character will be renamed by the administration according to the game rules.

Skip this choice as it won’t do much and just continue.

When a character is created he/she will be placed in a room of race selection. Find more below.