Lost cough syrup. Part 1.

Winner: Yellow, RaiVo, Little Devil

FINISHED. Winners: Yellow, RaiVo, Little Devil

Today we found out that somebody intruded in a secret lab of Felucca’s Healthcare Ministry. During the investigation it was revealed that important reagents are missing. They are intended to be a part of a vaccine from alcohol dependency a new type of flu. All the clues lead to the adepts of anti-vaccine movement. If the reagents aren’t found soon, the pandemic will ravage the world.

Your task is to break into this anti-social lair, but for this you will need to figure out the secret code. Its traces are all over  the main cities. Get the code and track down the thieves.

Update. Day later.

This morning Royal Intelligence reported of a letter interception, which stated:

“Our plan has worked. I have obtained the reagent with no resistance whatsoever. I am heading to the hideout now. There is one last thing to do in Papua, I’ll visit it for a day. I will be at the spot on Sunday at noon. I hope you haven’t changed the password yet.

Could you also pick another place for headquarters next time? Somewhere not as far and less stinky?! This damp is a real pain for my joints. Have you tried it yourself, sleeping while these ugly serpents are roaring?”

The security agents  suppose, that the clues in the letter refer to an abandoned sewer, but they have no other ideas of how to get there, since the entrance to British catacombs was lost many years ago. Anyway, before setting off to the specified place you need to search for all the letters from the password in the main Kingdom’s cities.