So, girls and boys, the opening day of is approaching. On October 16, 2020 we will open the doors of the ZuluHotel for all the “guests”.

You are all probably curious what has our large international team been working on for the last 6 months … Here are the main points of what we’ve done for you.

1. We have carefully worked out the classes’ balance in PvP battles co-working with of TOP players.

2. We have thoroughly worked on the usefulness of the Crafters’ products. From now on, Crafter is not a useless unit who is only capable of mining gold in the beginning. Armors and weapons made by Crafters will be valuable, but at the same time they will not be able to completely replace items obtained during hunting for Mobs.

3. We have developed the way to make any weapon in the game even better. You will have to make certain steps and have the required ingredients to improve it. There are 5 enhancement levels in total. Keep in mind, if the improving ritual fails, the item will be destroyed.

4. We have added Bosses and Champions. Find more about them using the “Info Vault” on the website.

5. A random spawn of high-loot Mobs has been added to the world. Now even a spawn of a wolf in a forest has a certain chance of spawning, for example, a Golden Dragon. However, this does not apply to spawns located within the cities and safe zones.

6. Mutant mobs have been added to the game, which are much stronger than ordinary mobs. In the loot that they drop you can find the alternative game currency Zulu Coins. With Zulu Coins you can discover new features of your character. However, it is worth mentioning, that these features will not give you a considerable advantage in PvP or PvM battles, but they can make your life easier. You can also get Zulu Coins by selling the received from hunting GM items (weapons, armors and clothes). 

Some more information about mutant mobs: in each mob’s spawning spot a mutant of the same kind can be possibly spawned as well. For example, in a skeleton spawning spot a mutant skeleton with improved characteristics can appear.

7. We have worked all of the mobs out. They are now smarter, stronger and faster.

8. We have created a system of automatic events: 4 fortresses and 1 main fortress city have been built in the world. To capture the fortress city, you need to control 2 out of 4 fortresses. The attack on each fortress takes place once a week at a certain time. All players are notified of the time of capturing the fortress beforehand. To capture the fortress, you need to destroy the fortifications, defeat the defenders of the fortress and seize the artifact. The player who captured the artifact becomes the keeper of the fortress and can decide on his own who of the players has the right to enter the fortress. Capturing each of the fortresses has certain advantages.

While the fortress is under control of the players, they have access to their own mini-dungeon, a mine with ore and a forest for chopping logs. All of the aforementioned stands inside the fortress and belongs to the keeper and his friends until the next capture. Gaining control over the main fortress-city also provides a full set of city vendors on the territory of the fortress.

9. On the way from Minoc to Britain we have built a lovely convenient market. The market is a completely safe zone. This is an area of free trade and a place for communication between players. The market also has a pavilion for holding auctions. An auction will take place once a week.  There you can buy one-of-a-kind items for GP, as well as clothes of beautiful colors and unique decorations that cannot be made by a game character. As a usual rule for all the auctions, the player who offers the best price wins the auction.

10. We’ve rebuilt the cities. You are probably sick and tired of their old look, so we’ve upgraded them.

11. We have created a noob factory: an absolutely safe city where all new characters appear. No harm can be done to other players in the city and all the conditions are suitable for training: skills increase 30% faster up to 90 skill level, comparing to the main world. There is a mine where you can dig ore. However, high ore cannot be obtained there. There is a forest for getting logs, ponds for fishing and an easy dungeon. You can get out and back to the city via portal. Though, no matter how trained your character is, when you return to the newbie city your skills will work as if they were at level 90.

12. We have built a new prison for violators. Now the prison is not an unapproachable place for others. It is situated in the main world for everyone to see. To get out of prison, it is not enough just to serve the sentence. From now on you will have to chop a certain number of logs (smiley) Other players will be able to entertain themselves by watching this exciting process under the walls of the prison.

13. We’ve come up with a system of total control over the staff’s actions. Currently absolutely each their action is recorded. The chances of corruption tend to zero.

14. We have fixed all the bugs that were available to users of third-party programs, such as Injection. You can use them, but you will not get any benefit from it. Moreover, when you try to use bugs that we know of, you either won’t be able to do this or your account will be automatically banned (depending on the bug). For a comfortable playing, we recommend using a modern client based on the ORION UO program. Together with its developers we have adjusted our client and it is included in the distribution kit and is installed along with our client software.

 15. Lots of items with new graphics have been added to the game.

16. We have prepared a full description of all game features and created a handy INFO VAULT. We’ll continue updating the information there as new patches are released.

17. A new website has been developed from scratch.

18. The project’s account was created in various social networks in order to attract new players (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitch). By the way, right now you can watch video reviews of what we have done for you at Zuluhotel on Youtube!

The story of Zuluhotel started in 1999. The beginning of this marvelous adventure was initiated by a talented programmer and game-designer Dean «Zulu» Parker. Obviously, lots of great people have been helping him along for all that time. Unfortunately, the project didn’t last for as long as we, players, wanted it to. Nevertheless, it triggered the beginning of other amazing shards based on Zuluhotel ideas.

We are a united international team of professionals, who are inspired with Zuluhotel. We are happy to take the opportunity to revitalize the project and present you our best Zuluhotel! 

We consider it to be a great responsibility and a challenge we are eager to accept. 

While you’re enjoying the game, we are working for you! Together let’s make Zuluhotel Great Again!