Perks upgrades

Dear players,
Several changes have been applied to the Perks:

1) All the perks that last for a certain period can be bought several times and their duration sums up. Now there is no need to wait for the perk to end to prolong it.

2) Now the price of some Perks depends on their duration: Premium Account and Looter for 35 days, 70 days, 105 days. The more days you buy the cheaper it gets.

3) In the run-up to the holidays we’ve packed a Christmas gift box 🙂
Premium 35 days + Looter 35 days + 3K Zulu Coins + Ghostrider 30 days + Power Hour 14 days.
All in one set for a special holiday price.

4) Every day starting from Dec, 15 to Jan, 15 there will be an automatic event for an increased re-spawn of higher mobs. From the Undead Flayer to the Golden Dragon. The re-spawn speed and quantity are x2 !

5) Dart Thrower Of Terror crossbow, that previously could be hatched with nets, further on will be obtained just like any other GM weapon dropped from mobs. You won’t be able to get this type of weapon with nets anymore.

Everyone enjoy your holidays!