The Mystery of the Family Ring (Completed)

Winner: The quest is over

Friday night, Dec, 18 at 7 p.m. CET
Search quest: “The Mystery of the Family Ring”
The quest is on!

A brief backstory.
Kevin: I’ve always looked up to my parents. After their death, my sister and I received all the things they had collected during their life. Among all the various objects we’ve inherited only one interested me the most. My father’s ring, which he crafted himself out of the volcanic material that had absorbed the powers of the volcano itself.

Kevin: I’ve searched everywhere, but failed to find the ring. even my sister couldn’t find it, although I’ve noticed a slight grin on her face. I’ve got to check everything.

Kevin needs your help in finding the family ring that belonged to his father, so he could honor the memory of him. You will have to find several places to untie the knot of mysteries connected to the disappearance of the ring.

Here are some tips for you:

  1. The parent’s house stood on an island that looked like a doughnut. Despite how funny it sounds, it really looks like a doughnut! Kevin’s parents have been raising livestock and growing vegetables and fruits for sale.
  2. One time, my father and I went to snowy lands. He didn’t explain the reason why we took that trip, but I remember exactly how he gathered something there, and later we took some bags with stones home.
  3. Another thing I remember vividly is the City of Winds. This incredible place has plenty of resources and almost the same number of aggressive creatures. You should stay on guard there and be prepared to battle at any time.
  4. At some point in the past, in Summer we visited a town that had Huge, I mean like Gigantic trees! It felt so nice to have a rest on their branches. Another thing I recall is that my father not only taught me how to chop trees to get wood there but also how to hold a sword. We trained away from the city, somewhere at the outpost.
  5. My father had owned a Forge that my sister received afterward. She followed in his footsteps. The forge was located on an island, so it got the name of Fire island because of it. There was a small active crater of a volcano and that’s exactly where my father crafted the ring.