The Mystery of a Dark Cult (Completed)

Winner: The quest is over

Search Quest: The Mystery of a Dark Cult

The personal guards of the Lord of Britain have spotted a spy of a Dark Cult. Having followed him, the guards discovered the secret lair of the Dark Cult. But as soon as they showed up there, all the members of the cult had taken off. Just as the guards had fallen in despair to catch them, the watchdogs took the trail and could trach several Dark Cult’s participants.

Unfortunately, there aren’t enough men to catch them all. The guards’ Commander-in-chief asks the people of Britain for any help.

You need to find the stash of 4 cult members who were tracked down by the dogs and collect their rewards. The first one to find the stash will take the reward.

The quest starts Dec, 15 at 6 p.m. CET