In-game updates

Dear players,
Several updates have been applied:

1. There are two new recipes for cooking fish steaks for 25 and 50 with the 130 and 140 skill level required.

2. From now on your tactics don’t affect damage inflicted with bows and crossbows. These changes are applied only to Hunters and PPs. As a result, damage caused by PPs is now brought to a necessary level (on PP’s 7 lvl the damage equals to Ranger’s 2 lvl). Damage caused by Hunter is slightly decreased, by about 10-12% lower than it used to be.

3. DamageAbsorb now also works for DamageReflection. That way, if you have DamageAbsorb 30 and your opponent has DamageReflexion 30, you won’t get any damage from it.

Enjoy your game!

P.S.: Let us remind you that starting from today, the speed and amount of mobs re-spawning is increased by 2 times.
Have a great hunting!