New in-game updates

After the reboot several in-game updates were applied:

1. As we have said before Cooking now has 2 new recipes on its menu.

2. Meditation is trained a bit faster. We’ve increased the raw points that you get at a time.

3. Each player that has 5 KK Hunt Points on his/ her balance can activate the Bosses Altar (Miranda, Magrena, Apocalypse). You won’t have to wait for a basic respawn. To activate the Altar, double-click on the center of the pentagram.

4. The players, who have spent more than 14 days in the world of Zulu (playing time) can’t use the bank in Newbieland. They will have to come out to a less safe place.

5. PP of the 6th and 7th levels received Healing bonuses, just like Warriors have on the 1st and 2nd levels.

6. The world started to change in preparation for the winter holidays. Very soon you’ll see an enormous Christmas tree at the Market and will have an opportunity to get presents.

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